A Free Nationwide Annual Event for all Veterans and Active Military 

The Glassblowing Community Thanks You For Your Service

Veterans Glassblowing Day       November 4th 2017

About US

Lisa Aronzon  

Founder and Director of VGD   
www.Lisa Aronzon.com
Lisa Aronzon has been a working glass artist since 1985, receiving her MFA in glass from California Collage of Arts and Crafts in 1992. After graduate school Lisa worked in a cooperative studio for four years and then built her own studio in Oakland CA in 1998. Moving to Virginia in 2006 Lisa rebuilt her glass studio in the Shenandoah Valley.

In 2012 Lisa responded to Presidents Obama’s request to help our Veterans return home from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  She was inspired to create an event that would allow Veterans to experience glass blowing in their hometowns by organizing glass studios and workshops throughout our nation. The project called “Veterans Glassblowing Day” is scheduled for November 9th 2013, and Veterans will be able to attend a free Glassblowing Workshop at participating schools. Lisa hopes to take the VGD further by creating a non-profit scholarship program that will fund Veterans interests in pursuing a career in art glass.

Mary Catherine Richardson


Mary Catherine has been working with glass for nine years and holds and MFA in glass sculpture from the School for American Crafts at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  She has worked at Pilchuck Glass School, Corning Studio School, Penland School of Crafts and Ox-Bow School of Art.   Her work explores material and its presence in space.  She incorporates various media including cast iron, ceramic and glass, using the inherent qualities of materials and their interactions to comment on personal experience. She is currently the Glass Shop Technician at Ox-Bow School of Art in Saugatuck MI.  

Elizabeth Stephen

Elizabeth has been pursuing the art of glass for 4 years. Her glass experience began while on hiatus from a high stress career as a cancer geneticist. She found the craft to be a productive outlet for untapped creative aspirations. Elizabeth has studied glass at Public Glass Studio (San Francisco CA), the Pilchuck Glass School (Stanwood WA), and the Pittsburgh Glass Center (Pittsburgh PA). She has continued to work in glass at Glen Echo Glassworks (Glen Echo MD). Elizabeth integrates hot and cold techniques to explore the deconstruction of classic vessel shapes.

Chad Coffman

Media Assistant

Chad Coffman was born in Broadway, Virginia, in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley. Ever since his early childhood, he has pursued any and all of the creative arts. He received his BFA in Crafts and Material Studies with an emphasis in glass and ceramics from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2004. During his education, he was selected for the Allan Eastman Award of Achievement for creative excellence in his ceramic work. Chad now continues to study and create his ceramic and glass craft in Broadway, Virginia